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{Note from the Judge}
There are many questions swirling around in the minds of muscular dog breed owners everywhere about this new upstart sport and registry. (CDBA) "Who are these people?" What is this all about?" Just to name a few. I am writing this article to clarify some of the questions and also to explain just how much substance there is to this sport. It has been well thought out to most minute detail.
First off there is a meticulously constructed muscle standard on which all dogs are judged regardless of breed. The intensive attention to detail within this standard will give you insight into just how much thought was put into every aspect of this sport.
For true dog-men and women of muscular breed dogs this is a fresh, new and positive avenue for you to exercise and train your dogs to compete in a positive yet high-stakes arena of competition.
The obedience training will be a major component and will improve as the sport evolves. Just think, when stretching on command becomes posing?....WOW! The sky really is the limit!

There have been questions on anti-doping. We understand these concerns and have taken measures just as in other dog sports, most notibly racing. These tests are available and will be utilized. Fair play and ethical conduct are major concerns of the CDBA and will be encouraged, fostered and enforced.

There is going to be a day very soon when dogs are bred specifically for this sport alone just as they are in racing. With the CDBA ther is a foundation established for those who would pursue this avenue in enriching their hobby/ lifestyle. It is an exciting prospect to say the least!

Since the beginning dog shows have basically been the same. Think about it a moment!......The same ol' same ol'. Canine physic is a new avenue, a new creation for a new generation! Those who have dogs that are capable should embrace it! Become the first Champion in your class or breed! It will be historic! There are already books in the works for this sport! Who will be the first Champions? Who will be written in the archives as the original greats? This is a historical time in which the great players have not been named yet! Will your dog be one of them? Are you up to the challenge? Are you?

As far as the judging, It will be very comprehensive, detailed and non-biased. Judges will be trained in the science of judging! They will not just be put in the ring with another person who may or may not know how to judge and have that serve as their "training" or apprenticeship. They will know the science. They will know the points and how they are weighted against the standard. Our judges will be able to give a detailed reason as to why a decision was made and will be fluent in the point by point evaluation. Biased judges will have their credentials revoked. There is no buddy system here just science.

Ther is a lot of depth to this. A lot of richness, passion and creativity. There is definately much, much more than I can do justice in this brief writing. If there are any that are intrested in partnering with the CDBA, competing or applying for consideration to become a judge you can contact me at caninebodybuilding@gmail.com or 724 650 0284

"C-D BA"
{Licensed Judges}

Introducing to Some and Presenting to others
[Senior Judge]; and Judge trainer

{ Mr. Scott Florence}
of New Brighton, Pennsylvania, USA

Judge Florence has been involved in "Muscular breeds" since 1996. Scott has produced multiple conformation and IWPA Champions.His goal is to be a consummate professional and share what he has learned about being a world class dog fancier through his substance filled years of study and experience.His personal interests consist of but are not limited to breeding the ever elusive "perfect bulldog" and to maintain his integrity as a world class judge in both Europe and across the United States.
              contact Judge Florence @  (724) - 650-0284,     
                     Email; caninebodybuilding@gmail.com 
                     Website: ironcityamericanbulldogs.com


{Mr. Glynn Neal}
Of Nobb, Indiana, USA
"Judge Neal's"
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{Mr. Pat Cestaro}
of East Haven connecticut,USA
"Judge Cestaro's"
Bio and contact information coming soon!
{Mr. Robert (Bobby)Swain,Jr.}
Of Kokomo, Indiana,USA
"Judge Swain's"
Bio and contact information coming soon!!
{Mr. John Fetty}
Of Anderson, Indiana,USA
"Judge Fetty's"
Bio and contact information
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{MR. Steve Fox}

Indianapolis, Indiana,USA
"Judge Fox's"
Bio and contact information

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If interested;
in Becoming a  "C-D BA Muscle Judge"

Email; caninebodybuilding@att.net
and express your desire as such.
 The "C-D BA" will reply as soon as possible to work with you on this matter....
Thanks in advance....
                                  IFCBB/C-D BA.
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