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{How a Canine/dog-Bodybuilding Contest is Judged}: A Canine/dog-bodybuilding contest is
conducted in two sessions, the Prejudging and the Final Presentation.
Male Canine/dog competitors are graded into six weight classes.
They are:
Bantamweight (up to and including 20 Pounds)
Lightweight (up to and including 35 Pounds)
Light-middleweight (up to and including 50Pounds)
Middleweight (up to and including 70Pounds)
Light-Heavyweight (up to and including100 Pounds )
Heavyweight (over 100 Pounds).

Female Canine/dog-competitors are graded into three weight categories.
They are:
Lightweight (up to and including 40 Pounds)
Middleweight (up to and including 75 Pounds)
Heavyweight (over 75 Pounds).

Competitors are then assessed by a judge, who must be qualified by passing examinations, and duly certified. As much as possible, judges are drawn from different States and even {different Countries} for international competitions. In championship competitions and pro-competitions there must be a three judge panel. Amateur and none championship events, can be judged by a single "C-D BA" certified judge, but are preferred to be judged by a panel including a chosen senior judge
and a asst. judge, the senior judges ruling having final say of ruling authority. Both Judges must be
Equally certified by the IFCBB, but the position in which they hold at a particular show will be
determined by the approval of the IFCBB when the application to put on the Show is received and

{Elimination}: All Canine/dog-competitors come into the stage together Making a
spaced Gated pass in front of the Judges Table. Three Handlers at a time are required to stack
their dogs the four mandatory poses. {As commanded by the center judge.} The 10 best
Canine/dog-competitors are selected by the judges and the others are eliminated from competition.

{Prejudging: Semifinals}: The 10 Canine/dog-competitors are then called back on stage or in the ring
as a group, in a relaxed stance for comparison. They will then strike the four mandatory poses,
frontal stacked, rear stacked, side stacked, and hind quarter stand, three or four dogs at a time.
After this, the five best competitors are selected by the judges as finalists.

{Final Presentation}:
The five finalists are allowed to perform their free posing routines individually while on lead with music for 30 seconds.

Then they will collectively  enter the stage/ring and
strike the compulsory hind Quarter pose for comparison, as in the Semifinals.

The competitors will recieve a placement of 1st through 5th according to the scores declared. During the entire process, judges are guided by rules and criteria laid down by the IFCBB.

Their assessment of the competitor's physique is based on muscle size, overall body shape, symmetry (the balance between the front and rear body, and the left and right sides of the body), proportion (balance between various body parts), muscle definition (percentage of body fat), and finally, the on lead artistic posing presentation with music.
World Canine/dog-Bodybuilding Championships
The World Amateur Canine/dog-Bodybuilding Championships (males and female's) are sanctioned
by the IFCBB, and will be held in different states and eventually different countries each year since
the starting of the IFCBBs founding.
The hosting IFCBB registered club invites the IFCBB-affiliated national federations to send their best competitive amateur canine/dog-bodybuilders to compete in the various weight categories. At the males World Championships, each IFCBB Club may enter up to five competitors, of which a maximum of three may compete in one weight class. At the Female's World Championships, each IFCBB Club may enter up to a maximum of two competitors
in any one weight category. All Canine/dog-athletes are subject to random drug testing before leaving their state or country and may be randomly tested again at the IFCBB Canine/dog-Championships. The first, second and third place winners in each weight class receive medals and
or trophies, the fourth and fifth place winners, will receive a certificate of achievement and or a ribbon of placement.. The IFCBB World Canine/dog-Championships are the most important Canine/dog-bodybuilding competitions.

{Judging}: The IFCBB has strict judging guidelines and rules, published in the IFCBB Judges' Guide Book.
                Canine (DOG) Bodybuilding   
       Judging Criteria CDBA Rev.SLA

Canine Bodybuilders are judged on the overall quality of their muscular development. Judging is based upon the presentation of:

 2.) Definition,
3.) Proportion,
4.) Symmetry,
5.) Handlers stage/ring Presentation of Dog



The perception of muscular size has been the foundation for Human Bodybuilding since the beginning of the sport of Bodybuilding and Now for the first time in history has transcended into the animal arena within the Canidae-Dog Biological Family. Yet, mass is only a merit when accompanied by the remaining qualities.


Indicates the degree of muscularity brought about by the absence of subcutaneous body fat. Defined muscularity is necessary to fully display the development of the physique. Definition is only of value when it allows massively developed muscles to be displayed.


Muscle proportions Implies an even balance of muscular development in comparison to each muscle group. Theoretically, a "strong body part" can be just as detrimental as a "weak body part". The Owners and Handlers of Canine Bodybuilders must strive for equal development between all muscle groups.


A misnomer is commonly used to depict "proportion" or expressed to indicate an aesthetic quality throughout the physique (Over All Looks). Although, in its strictest definition, symmetry denotes equal development of muscularity on both right and left sides as well as front torso and rear torso of the Dogs physique.

Stage/Ring Presence:

Stage/Ring presence Includes posing performance and other factors influencing general appearance of the Dog such as coat sheen, grooming, Dogs charisma, and poise. Effective stage presentation is essential to display the physique to its maximum potential. Trained Poses, Trained movements, and trained stances can enhance this area of presentation greatly.

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Canine-(Dog) Canidea,canid, purebred, crossbreed, all breed, puppy/ Fitness, health, nutrition and
Bodybuilding Association



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