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Welcome dog fanciers near and far....We the "C-D BA" would like to express our views pertaining to breeds found or deemed compatible for the the sport of canine bodybuilding. First of all let us say with the authority that we poses, that each and every breed, hybrid, and mix breed are welcome to participate. That said please understand that the criteria for any dog competing in this sport are totally the same no matter the breed, sex, size, or national affiliation.

Every Dog Breed, every dog hybrid, every dog mix breed all poses the same basic muscle anatomy. This being the case will allow us to consistently determine which animal is physically, visually expressing a more muscular muscle-anatomy at the time of evaluation.
 NOW, beyond that we all know that short coated breeds have a more visible muscle capacity than its long coated counterparts. Beyond that we all can attest to the fact that there are many breeds that are naturally more muscular than others, do to the selective breeding of individuals and group efforts alike, aiming to not only add strength but also the the appearance of great power and an imposing appearance.

 It is without question that as in humane bodybuilding it is much more challenging for a individual not having the natural genetics for massive amounts of muscle to compete in this type of arena, But as there are exceptions to every rule, the exception here is that there is the option of participating in breed, hybrid, or mix breed specific shows that will allow the animals one to the other the opportunity to compete against other dogs of their same genetic likeness only.
Breed Specific shows can be held at venues set up for your particular breed alone or may also be conducted during the open class/multiple breed shows as well as the bully breed shows. Whatever the case may be for you and the breed or mix breed you have and desire to show, just know that there is a ring and group of dogs that will allow you and your dog to compete in and stand a fare chance to place and fare well in the sport of canine bodybuilding.

In a Breed specific show, being that you will be competing in an arena where your dog will be judged according to the same (Dog) muscle anatomy and a very similar genetic composition pertaining to phenotype (meaning outward looks) and genotype (meaning inward structural makeup) The dogs will be categorized into age groups, and sex... the reason supporting this placement style is merely the fact that when competing against the same breed and same breed veriety, the breed standard is as such that there should be no drastic size and or structural differences between same aged adult males or females, because the breed standard will hold each individual to a max and minimal size and a general description type.... this being the case the only difference expressed should be the result of an individual breeder or kennels  nutritional diet results and the conditioning placed on the individual animal.
which can either increase the muscle capacity and the quality of the muscle, be it definition, bulk, striation, symmetry and other similar attributes or the results can appear to  be less expressive or impressive like being under weight or the appearance of
dehydration which is never a desirable or healthy result.

  Under working can take away from an impressive showing as well and give the appearance of  unbalanced muscle capacity or even an overly hydrated animal which will look somewhat chubby or soft. whatever the case, although the breed standard is what makes it possible for breed specific shows, the standard will play no part in the judging of the animals. That said we must all admit that a animal with great confirmation and a moderate to extreme muscle capacity makes for some serious Eye candy!!!


The subject of confirmation has been brought  up and we find it only fare and complete that we address this issue..... so we will start off like this.

1.) Does the IFCBB and C-D BA respect confirmation?
OF COURSE WE DO. without a good to fare confirmation we do not believe it is even possible to put a dog through a truly vigorous conditioning.
2.) What part will/does confirmation play in the end results of a canine bodybuilding competitor?
when looking at the humane bodybuilding arena we must take notice that the physical body appears more impressive not only when the symmetry and proportions are magnified in a specific way, but also when the muscles are positioned in particular ways.The very same reasons a dog moves well or not!! play a major roll in the way the dog looks as well....and this reason is where and how the muscles are place...... For instance.... a brand new sports car looks great to many because of how its put together... but if you take all the parts to a sports car and place them in a pile its not a sports car but  NOW a pile of car parts.....
When you compare what is considered a working dog to a sports car a few things remain the same...
1.) whatever powers it forward must always be in its proper place.
2.) whatever holds it together, must without fail, ALWAYS be in its proper place.
3.) with out fuel ultimately it is lifeless and will go no place.
4.) without the proper fuel its abilities are extremely limited, and will unlikely come in first place.
5.) without its strongest parts placed where they were designed to be, it will never do what it was designed to do!
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        More literature and Breeds coming soon!!
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