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Canine Bodybuilding
September 28, 2013
Alexandria Indiana
Madison County 4-H Fair Grounds
More detailes and information coming soon!
We the "Canine-(Dog) Bodybuilding Association" commonly known as the (C-D BA) would like to formally invite you to take part in this recently established, Ground breaking and truly innovative new Canine-Dog sport of Canine-Bodybuilding. Believing undoubtedly that the Dog is truly mans best friend, we are proud to present the opportunity for all who dare to engage in this substance filled, healthy and most rewarding Canine-Dog activity. While dog health, nutrition and fitness have always been the primary focal point of the creator and founder of this Canine sport, the excitement and pleasure of being able to allow these areas of the dog society to flourish in knowledge, healthy competition and self initiative of the owners and handlers of some of the most amazing dog specimens the world over, has given us the push needed to set the bar in this arena high but yet reachable.
This sport welcomes all DOGS to participate, pure-bred registered dogs, pure-bred none registered dogs, mixed or cross breed dogs, rare breed dogs, large dogs, small dogs, long haired dogs, short coated dogs, hairless dogs, hybrid dogs, adult dogs, and puppy’s of every and any breed or mix, this sport is about health, nutrition, conditioning, and most of all

Big Muscle, Ripped Muscle, Hard Muscle, Lean Muscle, if your dog has it, Bring It!!

Got Muscle? Bring it !!

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1.) Print ap
plication available on this site, fill it out and sign it, then mail it to the address below.
2.) print application, fill it out and sign
it, then copy it back on your computer and email it to the email address below

Canine-(Dog) Bodybuilding Association
Attn: Scott L. Amos, Sr.
1219 Park Road
Anderson, Indiana 46011

The Sport of Canine Bodybuilding is Governed by
the International Federation of Canine bodybuilding

“AG2G”copyright ©2010,2011 Canine Bodybuilding Association/Rev.S.L.Amos,Sr.



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