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 {C-D BA}
 The Canine (DOG) Bodybuilding Association
 Commonly known as the “C-D BA” was founded in 2008 after being informed of the vision and direction of the official governing body for the sport of canine Bodybuilding, The International Federation of Canine (DOG) Bodybuilding affectionately referred to as the “IFCBB”.
 The “C-D BA” is licensed and accredited by the “IFCBB” as the official Registry and Archive for the Sport of Canine Bodybuilding. As we the “C-D BA” gear up towards the future pastime and sport of Canine Bodybuilding we look forward to bonding with each and every Kennel, Breed Club, Breeder, Handler, Judge, spectator and dog fancier we encounter. Our overall desire is to establish our organization as a five star education and entertainment service provider.  We understand that the responsibility of registration and archival documenting is of dyer importance for the sport and genealogy of the animals that participate in this relevant canine sport. The foundation of both our beloved sport and its supporting body of individuals are built on the spirit of excellence. While our combined love for the Canidae Biological family in general, is the heart beat and driving force of our movement, we are forever conscious of the responsibilities demanded of our leadership team. We are easily reachable at our Email address of or by snail mailing us at 1219 Park Road, Anderson In 46011….Feel free to contact us with all of your Questions and concerns, THANKS IN ADVCANCE your friends at the “C-D BA”.  


"Founding of the International Federation  of Canine Body-Building"

For those interested in the "International Federation of Canine Bodybuilders" (IFCBB), here is some
information that tells about the canine bodybuilding federation. This information was given to us from the IFCBB.

{Formation}: The IFCBB was formed in 2004 in the city of Anderson, Indiana by (Rev.S.L.Amos,Sr.) in order to unify, control, and coordinate the New sport Created By Mr. Amos of Canine bodybuilding throughout the world.

In August 2009 the IFCBB Was pushed By its creator to
Become a Trademarked, copy written and Patented Entity striving to bring this New Created Sport to the for-front of all animal sporting events. The entire creation of the IFCBB was formed by Mr. Amos and was at this point and time desired to be offered as a new pass-time enjoyment to every nation of Canine/dog Lover the world over.

Mr. Amos passion for dogs first and foremost along
with the passion for the health of these majestic creatures Longs to see the day when the Health and Vigor of the Canine world through fitness and Nutrition Bring about a change in the dogs our future generations will love and enjoy.

 The IFCBB is now seeking both those affiliated and
those not affiliated with dog sports, shows, and nutrition to become active liaisons for the IFCBB, its committee’s, boards, and judging panels abroad.

Mr. Amos Feels the Animal Sporting and entertainment arenas will gain greatly from the freshness of this new innovative sport and the promotion of Animal health the Glob over!

Mr. Amos and the IFCBB welcome you and your
combined support to partake of the shows and exhibits’ of this ground breaking sport for years to come. We the IFCBB feel there is a need for a fresh-new canine sporting outlet and the IFCBB believe that we are the federation that has filled that void.
In Closing; Welcome fanciers near and
far, Join us expeditiously as we proudly engage the Magnificent sport of canine (dog) Bodybuilding.

(The IFCBB follows Mr. S.L. Amos, Sr's. Founding International Canine/dog Sports Federation Charter).

Canine-(Dog) Canidae,canid, purebred, crossbreed, all breed, puppy/ Fitness, health, nutrition and
Bodybuilding Association ™©

 To promote and develop the canine/dog bodybuilding sport and physical fitness worldwide.

To legislate, organize and administer the sport throughout the world.

To become better informed, and to inform.

To cooperate with the national canine/dog federations and to coordinate their activities.

To combat the use of drugs in canine sports.

To maintain the authority, control, and coordination of the sport of canine/dog bodybuilding amongst its members, owners and handlers.

To control all competitions on a level higher than national events.

To promote closer links between its members and all other canine/dog sports federations.

To coordinate and protect common interests.

To carry out its functions and to ensure that all member federations carry out their functions with
no discrimination whatsoever on the basis of Breed, race, religion, politics or sexual orientation.

To sanction regional, continental and world championships.

To conduct research and to supply all the latest training and nutritional advice to national federations.

To establish the technical rules for the smooth functioning of competitions in accordance with the
Constitution and Judges Guide Book.

The IFCBB is the exclusive representative of the sport of Canine/dog bodybuilding, desiring to
unite each and every affiliated country which desires to become actively engaged in the sport of
canine(dog) bodybuilding and the promotion of Animal/canine/dog fitness.

The IFCBB is recognized As the Official Governing Body of the sport of Canine (Dog) Bodybuilding and is supported by the Entities listed below.

1.) Canine (Dog) Body Building Association
2.) Red-Tiger Bulldog Registry and Archive
3.)Canidelogical Association
5.)AG2G inc.
6.) Association of Canidelogical-Gardens

The IFCBB is striving to become recognized by:
Each and Every established Animal/Canine/ Dog Federation and Association the World over.

Canine-(Dog) Canidae,canid, purebred, crossbreed, all breed, puppy/ Fitness, health, nutrition and
Bodybuilding Association ™©

The IFCBB promulgates regulations governing the practice of the sport of bodybuilding, including competitions, and establishes the lengths of events.

The IFCBB determines the classification of competitors into weight classes for competitions.

The IFCBB defines the status (amateur or professional) of competitors.

The IFCBB establishes medical rules aimed at protecting the health of Animal athletes, while fighting against doping and other dangerous practices.

The IFCBB adopts measures aimed at the prevention of all unfair and unlawful dealings. Code of Ethics: As part of its Constitution and Rules, the IFCBB has a Code of Ethics for animal competitors, administrators and officials, including owners, Breeders, and handlers. IFCBB members who contravene the code of Ethics are liable for suspension.

{Drug Testing}: IFCBB competing Animals are subject to random drug testing. Test Laboratories with accreditations will be sought out to use. Methods of testing and testing sites are subject to change with out prior advisement of the IFCBB. Testing will be completed solely to combat unfair and unhealthy practices that may put the health of the animals competing foremost and the Image of
the IFCBB at risk.

{Research and Educational Literature}: The IFCBB Will make an essential contribution to the
development of health, fitness and sport by doing research and printing educational and informative literature that will enable animal athletes to improve their health, combat the use of drugs, and reach peak athletic performance. These documents will be sent without charge to all members of the IFCBB, committee’s, Boards Etc. and to all affiliated organizations Pertinent to the Sporting and health concerns throughout the world. All research will be conducted by specialists in their field.
 Canine-(Dog) Canidea,canid, purebred, crossbreed, all breed, puppy/ Fitness, health, nutrition and Bodybuilding Association ™©

{IFCBB Publications}: Other than the printing of literature dealing with nutrition, health, drug control, canine/dog-bodybuilding and canine/dog-fitness, the official journal of the IFCBB is in the developmental stages. This magazine will be published in many languages and reach millions of people around the world every month. This magazine's goal is to improve and promote the sport of canine/dog-bodybuilding and canine/dog-fitness, and to help inform readers around the world of canine/dog-bodybuilding activities. It will play a critical role in expanding and promoting the sport of canine/dog bodybuilding.

{Television}: The IFCBB will be responsible for all television negotiations with reference to the coverage of competitions on any and all levels. Contracts will be signed with various television companies in order to give Canine/dog-bodybuilding competitions the maximum possible exposure worldwide.

{Judging}: The IFCBB has strict judging guidelines and rules, published in the IFCBB Judges' Guide Book.





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